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i-Interactor, a revolutionary tool for class room and conference room, bring a dynamic experience to your class and meeting, more interesting and vivid, enhance the teaching or meeting quality and efficiency.
  • Small
  • Easy
  • Precise positioning
  • Adaptable
  • Feature-rich
  • Can be used with any projectors
  • Can turns any flat white surface ( such as white wall, standard white board ,screen) to an portable interactive electronic white baord.
  • Portable size:easy to place on the table or hoist to ceil
  • Auto-calibration: one-key operation

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. Simple ,easy to use

. easy installation ( one- click install automatically)

. Unlike traditional electronic white boards,  i-interactor is portable, can be carried around in a briefcase and weight less than 1kg.

 . Strong software support for teaching and training.

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