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We sincerely inv
ite domestic and overseas partner, friendly cooperation, hand in hand advances together, in order to realize common development and common progress with partner.

Our policy is in the voluntary, equality, integrity, win-win principle, the two sides will take effective market mode, maintenance and develop "i Digital Galaxy Ltd." brand, and constantly improve the brand market, so as to enhance the visibility and share both the management of the company level and industry status.
   As long as you meet our basic requirements, and willing to share your success in business market, we are warmly welcome you to join us.

How to apply for dealership
First, conditions
   A legal entity can bear civil liability individually, and the products that are run must be relative to electronic products.
   An entity should have the ability and ways to operate the market, whose registered capitalmustover 300000.
■ An entity should have strong ability to expand potential market and can perform the distribution agreement strictly, and its annual marketing turnover must be guaranteed over 1000000.
   The agency should feedback market information in time according to the company requirements and should cooperate with marketing personnel to do marketing research on relative products.
   An entity can open legal and effective bills for its own customers.
1.      With independent and fixed office,office size should be more than 30 ㎡
2.      Available in offering technical support and consultation service for clients.
3.      Copy of effective business license is needed.(Official seal should be sealed on it, email or fax the copy to us pls.)
4.      Accept the rules of
5.      Accept the examination,supervision and guidance from our company.
Second, Agency Process
Email or Fax your agency meterials in written form to our Marketing Department,and phone the people in charge.
Third,Material that agent needs
 1) ID fotocopia of corporate representative who applys for the corporate agent,if the applicant is not the same person as the legal person,the applicant should show his legal person attorney.
2)Corporate Business License fotocopia(an offocial stamp is needed)
3)detailed address,company name,zip code,phone number,fax number and email address of the agent company which you apply.
Forth,other conditions for the provincial agent
1)the agent must be capable for the provincial agent who are in charge of the development of city distribution channel in the exact province.
2)cause the products are mainly in school education or training area,the agent should have some certain social experiences in education area.
We welcome anyone who has the intention of cooperation!