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  • Solutions
  • i-Interactor training program -Infant education




      Kindergarten,Training for Infant
       i-Interactor (i-Cam, i-Pen, pointer, hoisting, and 10 meters USB cable)
       Projector(any projector is ok, recommend support 16:9 short throw LCD projector)
       20-200inch screen or common white board
       PC or laptop
       1) Put on the desk or projector, just let the i-Cam see the image.
       2) Mount the i-Interactor with projector together
    3) Mount the i-Interactor separately

          Diagram of products connection 


        1) Traditional whiteboard graphic display is too small
        2) 100-inch traditional interactive whiteboard hardware cost is too high
        3) traditional interactive whiteboard is easily damaged by students in man-made
        4) traditional interactive whiteboard require transformation of large-scale
         5) Traditional interactive whiteboard subject to height restrictions
        6) After failure, whiteboard removal maintenance of complex, time-consuming and costly
         7) Energy consumption of traditional physical whiteboard is too large, not environmentally friendly

        1) Small size and easy to install, easily into a pocket, easy to carry
         2) User-friendly design: multi-directional pressure-sensitive pen, exquisite workmanship, comfortable to use
         3) Automatic calibration function, one-button operation, with the release with the use
         4) Performance, adaptability: walls, curtains, smooth board can be written on, projector for all brands
         5) Positioning precision, the operation handy: using high resolution digital chip, precise positioning, where it refers, it point ecactly
         6) Green, save energy. No pen, light pen, battery power consumption is extremely small, in line with low-carbon ideas

    6、Characteristics of the software
          1) Brush tool: Brush tool can be adjusted with different thickness, you also can choose the way of the brush
          2) Multi-color palette: In the palette,you can easily tune out the color you want, you can take full advantage of your imagination, bring up the color you want
          3) Toolbar:There are a lot of secrets hiding in this software,kids would be in great passion in the
          4) Combination of lines and pictures: The combination of lines and pictures would help children to know things more apparently and colorfully.
          5) Combination of shapes:The combination of shapes could help kids knowing the difference among the shapes combining colors.
          6) Diffrent type-ront&words: teachers don’t use to write the words,the colorful tidy nice shaped words would appreared if doing some drags.
          7) Give full play to imagination: there are many blank colored pictures included,kids could paint any color as they want.Let’s find out the colors in the eyes of children.
          8) Scene training:different scene needs different animals,it could help kids to know more about animals and care them.
          9) Weather:Kinds of weather pictures,let children get familiar with them.
         10) Puzzle games.
          7、Service support
         1) Free installation guide
         2) One year warranty
         3)Free use of training products